Welcome to Île Maison - 


Île Maison (International Leaders Exchange at European American Center) is a global community & experiences designed to spark collaboration around the world. 

We are a private platform that enables global leaders to connect. Our mission is to impact leaders’ lives in a positive and lasting way and help them expand in business and lifestyle by creating deeper  human connections.

Why Île Maison?

  • Exclusivity (Members Only). Our members are considered as some of the most premier talents in their field, creating unique brands with impeccable vision and execution. 
  • Guidance & support in building global business
  • Opportunity to work with an Elite Team of business development experts and investors to assist you in achieving your global expansion goals and vision
  • Opportunity to build international Partnerships
  • Opportunity for International Investments
  • Calendar of Curated Events throughout the year designed for personal and business development
  • Calendar of culturally vibrant, intellectually stimulating, physically inspiring and emotionally Transformative Experiences throughout the year 
  • Opportunities to showcase your products & services
  • International Brand Presence
  • Speaking Opportunities and much more.

Join Membership

Currently we are inviting 100 new members who would like to build a business network between EU and US. 

$100 one-time set up fee (includes setting up member's profile) , 1 year free Membership.

Please register below. We will contact you within 48 hours. 

Much Love,

Ilona Lee